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Caroni Finish Mower

Versatility, simplicity and safety are the three main features of the Caroni rear grooming mower. Designed and produced with the most up-to-date technologies and the most advanced construction systems, it is ideal for use with tractors ranging between 12 and 60 HP.

Available with cutting widths of 48", 60", 72" and 84", it can be used for any type of grassy area from fields to golf courses, parks to motorway grass verges, lawns to sports grounds. Four extra-large wheels always ensure a precise cut.

All Caroni models are based on a support chassis consisting of a single cold-drawn block. Toughness and compactness are just two more features that apply to this adaptable, easy-to-handle machine. This series consists of seven versions: TC 480NSLD, TC 590NSLD, TC 710NSLD with side grass dumping, and TC 480NSRD, TC 590NSRD, TC 710 NSRD and TC 910NSRD with rear grass dumping. Other features are its easy-to-adjust cutting height, which can be altered simply by shifting the spacers mounted on the fork shaft, its 3rd anchoring point, which "floats" to allow the machine to follow the contour of the ground, and its easily-regulated belt tension, which simply requires the adjustment of a single screw. Standard hitches mounted on the mower mean that it can be used with any type of tractor. The first five Caroni Mower models have seven easily-accessible greasing points, whereas the TC 910NSRD, which is fitted with 5 trimming blades, has nine. This version is ideal for mowing vast areas and ensures a particularly high-quality cut due to the fact that its bottom tractor hitching points have a floating system with maximum oscillation of 45 degrees. The Caroni mower can therefore follow all the ups and downs in the grassy areas to give aesthetically perfect results. Grass expulsion is made easier by the use of a rear outlet, which is fitted with a safety deflector.

Caroni grooming mowers ( finishing mowers) Belts, blades, solid tires, wheels, forks, etc.